Why are some jackets and coats overpriced?

Aren't you amazed at some of the prices these European brands charge for jackets? Sometimes the prices are $1200 - $1600 for down jackets.  Did you know that most of the prices are to cover the high cost of retail? Retail mark up is approximately 200% - 300% of wholesale price?

I've worked as a buyer at a high end department store for many years and my husband works for a famous designer and we realized that retail mark up make up most of the cost for the customer. Retail has exuberant rents, many sales people and a buying staff that includes high paying executives.

Wouldn't it be great to buy direct form the manufacture at wholesaler prices bypassing the retailer all together?  Well it is possible now with the internet,

We've develop a company that passes on the savings directly to our customers. We call it First Made NYC - to always remember that we first made these jackets for you, our customer.  We are all consumers here in earth.  Wouldn't it be nice to keep some of the hard earned money that you made and spend it on yourself and you family?

Join our movement to remove retail prices from products all together.   Our hope to bring you all things that touch your life direct to you.  We wanted to start with jackets as they serve a dual purpose of keeping you warm and stylish.

And join the movement to shop direct!




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