FirstMadeNYC Takes a Knee.

Usually, FirstMadeNYC is politically neutral and our PR team will recommend against taking sides. However, we could not stand idle in this time of confusion in our country's history.

We support our athletes that take a knee during the national anthem to protest the violence and inequality for our African American brothers and sisters.  We believe that all human beings are created equal and should be treated equally.

This movement is not to disrespect our country but to call attention to the negative outcome of racism throughout our great United States.

In collaboration with our brave athletes all over the country, FirstMadeNYC will offer a special 20% discount on the entire purchase with the coupon code "takeaknee". Offer expires on October 15th 2017.

With many tumultuous issues swirling around us, It is the core basic truth of human respect and love that anchors. We take the knee.

Lisa Mun (Founder)






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