About us

FirstMadenyc was truly born out of inequity. Raised in the fashion merchandising business all of our working lives, we saw a huge disparity between wholesale and retail.

Traditional retailers have exorbitant rents, hundreds of sales people, high salaried executives and buyers that manage all the moving parts.  These cost add 200% to 300% to the wholesale cost of the product. You bear these costs.

The founders of FirstMadenyc were convicted to closing this gap between the true cost of the product and what you pay by removing the retailer cost.

FirstMade does not sell to retail.  No retail costs are transferred to the you.  This gives us the freedom to increase quality without over pricing our products.

Our costs are simple: design, cost of materials, labor, freight, duty, warehouse and delivery to you.

Because we are consumers too, we could not stand idle while retail was overcharging for goods. Now, it is our time to sell direct to you.  

Help us remove the inflated consumer costs by buying directly from us!

"We do not want to pay the rent and payroll for an antiquated system called 'retail.'  We want to sell and buy direct from the source." - Lisa M founder

"After many years of manufacturing and importing for big companies here in the United States, I have seen so much inflated costs added onto the product to cover the expenses of retail.  Because these cost goes into protecting retail margins, the product quality is decreased in order to compensate for retail." - Scott K founder

Please join our campaign to reduce the price of goods to their true cost.  Please make First Made your brand!